Saint Joan in Castrolandín

In 2001, the Amigos dos Castros Association promotes the recovery of the festival of San Juan in the Alto del Castro, a tradition that was being celebrated until the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.

This ritual of the celebration of San Juan is something exceptional in Galicia. Consistent in therealization of a traditional bonfire in the center of the castro and once it loses its luminosity, like torches made with pineapples tied to tree branches and previously nailed around the wall, it is lit, creating that circle that illuminates the night landscape of the Cuntis valley.

According to Xurxo Ayán, an archaeologist and researcher involved first-hand in the Site, there are three symbolic aspects for the celebration of this Saint John's bonfire. On the one hand, it would fulfill, as in the rest of the country, a propitiatory and purifying ritual function. This area also has the peculiarity that women of childbearing age jump the bonfire to favor the chances of having offspring. On the other hand, the celebration of the bonfire in an elevated place serves as an element of self-affirmation of the village in front of the neighbors, since the fire can be seen from further away. Finally, the festival has a function of Christianizing a place that would function as a point of union between the daily world of the neighbors and the hidden world of the Moors who, according to tradition, and also in Castrolandín, live under the earth of the walled enclosure. .