The Foundation's Board of Trustees, renewed every four years, is made up of representatives of the Cuntis City Council Corporation, members of the Amigos dos Castros association, representatives of the Castrolandín Community of Mountains in Common Man and private entities that collaborate with the good foundation development.

In the session of constitution of the Board of Trustees, a President, a Treasurer and a Secretary are chosen from among the trustees who will carry out the tasks of administration of the Foundation, leaving the rest of the members as members.

The current board of trustees is made up of Mª del Carmen Cajide Hervés, Roberto Ameijeiras Paz, Manuel Campos Velay, Alfonso Iglesias Rapado, José Antonio Campos Ferreiro, Mª Jesús Arca Camba, Francisco Campos Ferreiro, Mª Isabel Couselo Torres, Saleta Fernández de la Torre, Isaac Castro Fuentes, Juan Luís Seijo Pastor, Marcos Seijo Pastor, Mª José Táboas Baños and Marisol Espiño Alende.

The following private entities are currently part of the Board of Trustees: