The first board of trustees, formed by Olimpio Arca Caldas, Mario Touceda Torres, Roberto Ameijeiras Paz, Eduardo Rey Rodríguez, Ramón Alonso Rodríguez, Jose Manuel Mesego Fernández, Francisco Campos Ferreiro, Mª Concepción Ferreiro Campañó, Serafín Escaríz Fuentes, Juan Luís Seijo Pastor, Alfonso Iglesias Rapado and Antonio Pena Abal.

In January 2001, the Terra Termarum Castrolandín Foundation was established in Cuntis. The foundation, declared of Galician interest in March of the same year, has as its objective the protection and promotion of the archaeological heritage of Cuntis. Its first project is the comprehensive management of the Castrolandín deposit.

The patronage of the foundation shows its local and independent character. It is made up of representatives from:

  • The Community of Montes de Castrolandín, owner of the land where the deposit is located.
  • The Association of Amigos dos Castros, initiator of the project.
  • Representatives of the group of political parties of the City Council of Cuntis.
  • The company ENGASA, one of the sponsors of the project.
  • Termas de Cuntis, a collaborator in the project and one of the greatest beneficiaries of what Castrolandín represents as a tourist resource.

The fact that a local foundation such as this manages the enhancement of a relevant heritage asset is a unique case in Galicia, to the point that the main social and patronage impact of the Foundation may lie in its demonstrative potential as a model of heritage management by the local community. In fact, the Foundation has absolute control of the project, with the archaeological work being carried out, and part of the dissemination work, by the Paleoenvironment and Landscape Heritage Laboratory (LPPP) (ITT-USC), a center associated with the CSIC through the Institute of Galician Studies Father Sarmiento.