The headquarters of the Foundation is located in the historic center of the Pontevedra town of Cuntis.

Cuntis is a thermal town located less than 30 km from Santiago and Pontevedra and 20 km from Vilagarcía.

Historically, Cuntis was included in the region inhabited by the Cillenios, during the Celtic era. Its capital was Aqua Calidae (the current town), an important Roman thermal town. The discoveries found in various excavations, such as the remains of buildings and coins from different periods of the empire, are a living example of the historical past of this population.

These medicinal properties of the water increased the fame of Cuntis through the centuries, becoming today a tourist focus, for which it has a complex of very important tourist services, with a Hotel-Spa, as well as various hostels and pensions, offering a total of more than 300 beds.

Linked to this thermal tourism, Cuntis has a wide range of natural spaces next to its rivers (Umia and Gallo), which are combined in an interesting way with landscapes and panoramic views from the tops of its mountains. To enjoy these environments, Cuntis has two approved and signposted hiking trails (PRG-20, PRG-21).  

Proof of the abundant presence of man since time immemorial in these lands is the abundant presence of archaeological remains, such as petroglyphs, castros, mámoas, etc., which together with outstanding monuments of popular and religious architecture (cruceiros, hórreos, churches, monument to the Sacred Heart, etc) constitute an attractive route to enjoy one or several days of contact with nature.